Fincap's Nuzlocke

Aug 7

Starting Out - First Step of Route 3

I start out with Bulbasaur, because he’s the best, and I call him Spud, because that suits him. I did all the shenanigans to get the Pokedex, and the first Pokemon I encounter on Route 1 is Rattata. Since I’m a complete dumbass I instinctively run away, meaning I can’t catch any Pokemon on that route. I continute through Viridian City and the annoying old dude teaches me how to catch Pokemon, and then give me a giant TV to lug around. I continue up to Route 2 where I catch my first Pokemon, Pidgey at level 4. Naturally I call him Johnny, since that’s the best name ever. I trained Spud and Johnny up to level 8 and continute on to Viridian Forest.

I catch a wee little level 3 Caterpie in there that I called Pizzapie. I battled two trainers with Spud and Johnny and they both levelled up to Level 10. Johnny got poisoned and badly hurt, and just made it to the Pokemon center (Weedles are the most annoying things ever). I decided I should train up Pizzapie, so I went down to Route 1 to level him up. He bravely fought two level 2 Rattatas and half a Pidgey (the other half was killed by Spud). Unfortunately, on his 3.5th battle, Pizzapie’s short-lived career had been ended by a Pidgey. Pizzapie was avenged by Johnny.

I continued through the rest of Viridian Forest with just Spud and Johnny. They both managed to level up once. I trained Spud up to level 12 in preparation for Brock on the northern part of Route 2. I healed up my Pokemon and headed for Route 3. I got stopped by some kid who escorted me to Brock’s gym. How nice. I managed to take down Liam’s Geodude and Sandshrew without taking a hit, so I continued straight on to Brock. He was a cinch. I got both his Pokemon down in one hit with Vine Whip, and I got the Boulder Badge.

I went to the PokeCenter to restore those four valuable Power Points and headed out to Route 3 again. Professor Oak was nice enough to send me some Running Shoes to make my journey less sluggish. I took a single step and the big sign saying ROUTE 3 appeared on my screen. I saved the game and turned off my Gameboy.

That is all for session one. I’m still early in so I will have session two up tomorrow when I have access to a computer.


Aug 7


Hello, I am Fincap. This is just me keeping a “log” of my epic nuzlocke adventures through Kanto in LeafGreen. Each time I accomplish something, a pokemon dies, or something else important or worth noting happens, I will write it down in a nice, professional .txt file. Whenever I get bored, beat a gym, or something major happens, I will end the “session”. Here are the rules I am playing by;

  • When a Pokemon faints, it is treated as if it died, and must be released.
  • I can only catch the first Pokemon in an area (different floors on caves count as different areas). If it runs or faints, too bad. If I already own a duplicate of the first Pokemon, then I can catch the second, and second only. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same Pokemon, or another Pokemon that I already have.
  • I can only have one Pokemon of each species. It doesn’t matter if it has already died. If I already have the Pokedex entry, I’m not allowed to catch it.
  • I can have as many Pokemon that aren’t the same as I want stored in the boxes to be called upon.

So these are the rules I am playing by. If it’s not on there, I’m allowed to do it. I am about to challenge Brock so I will post that when the session is over.


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Jul 8
Saw this on reddit :P

Saw this on reddit :P

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